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Kevin McCarra is an idiot, Vol. 430284028430284320

I’m not even going to link to this nitwit…he writes for the Guardian if you want to see the original. I couldn’t let this gem pass without comment, though:

Wenger will have been bearing in mind the potential of Alex Song, who is over six feet. The 22-year-old is having an encouraging campaign overall, but he is no great barrier and did not stop Chelsea in their tracks. With the side already 2-0 down, Song was withdrawn at the interval.

Kev, surely you are aware that both Chelsea goals in the first half were created by attacks down the left flank, yeah? Please explain (and show your work) how the central defensive midfielder is supposed to provide the opposition to marauding runs of the opponent’s left back?

Isn’t it interesting that Frank Lampard (carrying an injury or not) had almost no effect on the proceedings whatsoever, especially in the first half? I don’t suppose that has any correlation to the efforts of our central defensive midfielder, does it?

We shouldn’t be surprised, though…McCarra picks a talking point and then tries to make everything in the match fit that talking point whether it has any relevance or not.


December 1, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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