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Definition of Injury-Prone

Jesus Breakdancing Super-Christ, I never want to read another person write “Van Persie isn’t injury prone- it’s all bad luck! It’s not like he always gets hurt in the same way.”

That’s the POINT you mouth-breathers: if he just had a bum ankle/knee/elbow/bum, they could treat that specifically and find ways around it in many cases if not all. The problem with someone like Van Persie is that try as he might (and he does try, bless him) he gets injured over and over by things which do not injure hardier players. It’s not as though he can do an extensive program to, say, strengthen the muscles surrounding a bad joint when it’s the very act of playing the sport which causes him to break down in unpredictable ways at unpredictable times. There’s a stat making the rounds which indicates that if RVP misses the rest of this season, he’ll have played in 55% of all possible league games during his time at Arsenal. In other words, it’s essentially a coin-flip as to whether he’ll turn up or not. Yes, some of that is him getting suspended for being a doofus, but the bulk of that is him blowing out this and spraining that, tweaking this and breaking that. He’s in his 6th year with Arsenal, he’s never played 30 league games, and this will be the second year he’s played fewer than 20. His being injury prone is an empirically settled question for this league at this point in his career. He tries, but you cannot count on him to be an ever-present member of the squad.

To put this in perspective, Wayne Rooney- his opposite number at a club of equal import and pressure and equally strenuous fixture scheduling- is also in his 6th year with United. In his first five seasons he’s played 30 or more league games 3 times, and played 27 and 29 in the other two seasons. In other words, his lowest appearance total in the league for a full season at a top club is one appearance lower than Van Persie’s best season appearance total. THAT is the difference between injury-prone and not injury prone, not the nature of the injuries which are sustained. It boggles my mind that this needs to be said.


December 1, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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