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We all (don’t, sadly) live in a Perry Groves world…

There’s a wonderful Arsenal terrace song that is dedicated to an old midfielder of ours called Perry Groves. I of course never saw him play as he was comfortably before my time, but he was a limited player skill-wise who more than made up for it with determination and grit…he was the type that harried opponents up and down the pitch and become quite the cult figure for it. Anyway, the song goes: “At number 1, it’s Perry Groves…at number 2, it’s Perry Groves, at number 3, it’s Perry Groves” all the way up until 12, with the exception of Liam Brady at number 7 (Twelve because there was only one sub in those days).

My point is, Arsene with his latest quotes must think that Andre Marriner was, besides serving as the match referee, also playing all 11 positions for his side as well.  As mentioned before, his nullification of our goal was disgraceful and absolute shite refereeing. But, Wenger’s bonkers if he thinks that it would have changed anything besides making the final 1-3 instead of 0-3.

I mean, Marriner sure did a poor job of closing down Ashley Cole’s cross, and on the same play did a hideous job of marking Drogba in the penalty area. Marriner is a silly boy who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, as he didn’t close down Cole AGAIN for the second one, and then his clumsy clearing attempt was hooked into our own net. Amazingly, Andre Marriner also did a poor job of setting up his wall, which allowed Drogba to power in the third from a free kick.

The worst thing though was that our front three of Andre Marriner, Andre Marriner and Andre Marriner proved to be as toothless as a nursing-home resident against the Chelsea backline. Seriously, that was fucking awful forward play from the Marriner connection yesterday.



November 30, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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