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I’m writing this fairly shortly after the final whistle, so am still more than a bit emotional. Still, I have to get this all out…in bullet point form, as I am way too pissed to write anything lucid.

– Talking about the fixture yesterday, Brendan’s main worry was that with Essien and Lampard starting, we were likely to lose the midfield battle. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case. Despite Denilson’s best efforts to give Chelsea the ball whenever it was on his feet, we actually bossed the possession and had the ball in their end more often than not.

– Speaking of which, DENILSON IS FUCKING MOTHERFUCKING USELESS. I get why Theo Walcott came on at halftime, but WHY THE FUCK DID ARSENE TAKE OFF ALEX SONG? Song was brilliant in the first half, breaking up attacks and serving as the only player besides Cesc to show actual bite and determination in our midfield. The fact that Theo came on for Song is absolutely baffling.

– Also, we’re so lightweight. It’s ridiculous. This team tries…they really do…but our forwards in particular were found out today. They have neither guts nor testicles. Look, I’m sympathetic to Andrei that Russia didn’t make the World Cup. Losing the playoff to Slovenia was a blow, I understand that. That said, MAN…THE…FUCK…UP. This was the perfect opportunity to bounce back and show your mettle, and you bottled it. Eduardo, I can understand more because he suffered that horrific injury. But man, he is nowhere near the same guy he once was. As the match wore on, I seriously wondered who could actually get through the back line and test Petr Cech. The answer was “no one”, as it turned out.

– That said, how a referee as incompetent and inexperienced as Andre Marriner got this fixture is beyond me. At 0-2, we scored a perfectly fucking good goal, and the worthless cunt called it back for a reason that I still can’t work out. You’re allowed to challenge for the ball, fuckstick…that was never a foul on Cech. Please catch swine flu and die.

– In the end though, it was our central defense that failed us. Almunia had a great game…he was abandoned by the clowns in front of him. TV5’s own-goal was fucking clown shoes, as much as I love him. Gallas was at fault for Drogba’s first goal…cannot understand how he was marking him so loosely.

– So yeah…this is indeed Groundhog Day, just as Brendan predicted. I’m willing to settle for the League or FA Cup at this point.

– And the worst thing…the fucking WORST THING, is that for the 4th or 5th time in recent memory, I had to endure the taunts of the plastic-ass Chelski supporters on the way out of Nevada’s. Awesome. I LOVE being subjected to this by people who couldn’t pick Franck Lebeouf or Ed de Goey out of a police lineup. Thanks, Arsene…much appreciated.


November 29, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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