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Seriously, this is just fucking appalling. Not surprising, but appalling.

Look…I’m not saying there should be a witch hunt on Hansson or that he should be driven out of the game or anything. But, the fact is that he made a mistake by not seeing Henry’s handball. Mistakes from referees are going to occur because they are human…that much we know. That said, mistakes come in degrees, and this is not a case where it was a 50/50 decision on whether a tackle was a penalty, or if a guy was millimeters onside or offside. This was an EGREGIOUS handball that directly prevented a match from going to penalty kicks.

Giving Hansson a high-profile assignment so soon after that mistake sends a succinct message to referees worldwide that abject failure will usually be tolerated. FIFA and UEFA are so fucking tone-deaf that it feels like a put-on sometimes. No one can be THAT stupid, right? RIGHT?



PS  – As a weekend-warrior goalkeeper myself, I co-sign Brendan’s post below a million times over.


November 24, 2009 - Posted by | Other Soccer

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