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Iverson? Fuck off.

Yeah, that’s what the Knicks need, sure. Let’s take a team which is currently 25th in the league in both offensive and defensive efficiency, and add a low-efficiency shooter who plays no defense to a 1-9 team after he just fucked off from a different awful team because he wasn’t getting enough limelight and focus and was on a loser. Let’s take a team of young guys who’ve finally in the last year or so shown some degree of mutual trust and have begun to develop a positive organizational culture, and chuck that into the gully in favor of watching Iverson and Al Harrington have knife fights over shots. We HAVE one Nate Robinson already, what the fuck do we want with an old, broken-down second one with major attitude issues? As a person Iverson gets a bad rap I think and as a player there has been a lot good to say about him over the years, but this is wrong time, wrong place, for the wrong reasons if it happens.

And what are those reasons? Two occur to mind: sign him and flip him at the deadline to a contender who wants a scorer and a veteran and is willing to take a shitty contract to get one; or, this is Jimmy Boy Dolan losing his shit about attendance and demanding a star to fills seats. If it’s the former, well, why would any of those clubs not just grab him now? Why didn’t they sign him last season for cheap? What’s changed to make him more valuable? If it’s the other than it means the Knicks are backsliding into what they were, a fifth-rate incompetently administered moneymaking operation for Chuck Dolan’s idiot son to run (into the ground). Whee.

And another thing, from the above article:

“Plus, he’s still popular with many fans — some of whom have already grown impatient with Walsh’s plan to rebuild through free agency next summer that left the team so vulnerable this season.”

This kind of gambit is the biggest bullshit line in the world. Oh? “Some fans”? Which ones? How many? Got some poll data? A single quote? What are the attendance figures from last year, this year, and 5 years ago? And if they’re down, what were the alternative options to keep them up? Why do any hard work researching and writing answers to these questions when you can perpetuate the lie that New Yorkers won’t stand for rebuilding, a completely unproven assumptions which has done nothing but serve the stupidest and laziest general managers in this city for years, the ones who would rather do something, anything, other than wait, work out a plan, and do the right thing at the right time. So yeah, in short, fuck off ESPN, sorry and best wishes elsewhere to Iverson, and here’s to hoping we’re not heading back to the bad old days. Personally, I would always rather suffer through the locals being a combined 1-19 or whatever they are now than be Charlotte or Memphis or Golden State- better to suffer through being bad on the way to being good, than to just be mediocre forever.


November 17, 2009 - Posted by | The NY Knicks

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