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You know how people have been saying UFC was running too many shows, and they were going to run out of fights to stock them with? Yeah, the reported expected main event of UFC 109 is….

Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman.

It’s not just that it’s a preposterous matchup for several different reasons; it’s that as a fight it’s likely going to suck uproariously and runs the serious risk of making UFC look ridiculous for putting on a PPV main event featuring two guys who are far above the usual retirement age for just about every sport. Boxing can barely get away with this when it’s two guys who are big stars in Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones; for UFC to be trying it with Mark Coleman as a participant is, well… let’s be kind and say ambitious.

Here’s a scary thought: what if Coleman wins?


November 17, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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  1. That is the stupidest matchmaking I’ve ever seen. They need to put Couture on the shelf to fight the winner of Rua Machida 2.

    If they need a name to sell it, put Chuck in against the Hammer and put it on UFC 108.

    They are trying to put together Carwin Velazquez too. That would be a great headliner for 109.

    Comment by kenonbass | November 19, 2009 | Reply

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