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Wacko Jacko in trade shocker

The amazing thing is that after months of lip-war between Jackson and the Warriors and weeks of columns obsessing on his eventual destination and the final trade being announced as a Yahoo “Breaking News Alert”, what this boils down to is a my-overpaid-past-its-prime-junk-for-yours trade between two of the dirt-worst, going-nowherest teams in the league. Jackson is still pretty good, but monumentally overpaid and overvalued due to GS’s pace and his massive minutes numbers inflating his per game averages. Raja Bell is just a guy at this point. Vlad Rad is one of those room temperature basketball IQ, baby’s bottom soft, now-I-wanna-shoot-the-ball nitwits who always seem to fill out Nellieball teams (oh, and he’s been awful this year and makes $7 million next year); maybe Nellie had a sudden attack of nostalgia for Brad Lohaus- that’d make as much sense as most of the things his team does. Acie Law sounds like the name of a place I won’t be applying to this year and has as much relevance to winning NBA games as I will. There’s just not a lot going on here.

Ultimately Jackson’s contract and conduct made his trade value so low that he could be had for essentially a $5 million expiring contract, while all the Bobcats have succeeded in doing is tying a $35 million boat anchor to their team on a contract which runs for three seasons beyond the current one for a 31 year old player of questionable efficiency in probable decline. Moves like this are the surest possible sign of utter, organization-wide malaise; you may as well spend a fraction of the money on an ad campaign for your new slogan “Sucking To Continue Indefinitely”, because either way that’s the message you’re sending.

In Short: Bah, humbug.


AHHHHHHHHH. Stop bloody asking “are Charlotte better?” It is the worst possible question and it reveals a basic misapprehension of the way the league works. For a variety of reasons having to do with squad size, number of players on court, % of a game played by a star and so forth, the NBA is not like baseball or the NFL or soccer or really any other league- you do not get progressively better and often don’t even get progressively worse. A team moves forwards or backwards by quantum leaps depending mostly on the quality of their best 2-3 players, because the marginal value of an A+ player over, say, a B+ player at any given position is higher in the NBA than in any other league, period. Jackson may make the Bobcats “better”, in the sense that they may win one or two or five extra games because of him per year. He does NOT take them on micron closer to contending status, because he’s at the same general run of ability as their current top players, or will be soon as he ages. Bloody ding-dang goodness, I thought this zombie idea got killed off after the Celtics created a big three in one offseason and went from also-rans to dominant despite having a rest of the team that most people expected to suck tremendously.

And FWIW, even if we’re talking money instead of contendership (a foolish distinction, because nothing makes money like winning) Jackson needs to generate $5 million or so more in revenue per years every year, escalating to a higher figure, over the life of his deal in order to justify his acquisition purely as an economically neutral move. To make him economically valuable he has to be worth more than that. Is anyone going to buy a ticket to see him? Doubtful. Is he worth that much in playoff revenues above the chances of the previous Bobcats team to realize playoff revenues at a cheaper cost? Doubtful. So what exactly is he worth? Acquiring him does make the Bobcats a different team and a very, very slightly better one, but it’s a distinction without a difference- and even then, the difference might be negative.

It’s a horseshit move from a crap team, stop overthinking it. And yes, I’m feeling crotchety today.


November 16, 2009 - Posted by | Other NBA

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