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My Shoulder Hurts

One of the legendary rants in recent sports history was cut on the air some years back by one of the Blackhawks’ radio guys, on Alexander Karpotsev and his amazing ability to shirk duty with a variety of injuries- mockingly mentioned by the announcer as “my shoulder hurts” and “I have a concussion.” Can we officially add “I have a thigh strain” to that list, yet? The story goes that it’s diving which does the most to turn American fans off to the sport, but the biggest thing I had trouble accepting as I became a football fan was the way the seemingly most minor of leg injuries would put a player out for weeks, months, or years if his name was Rosicky. Admittedly the legs are the most crucial of bodyparts to a footballer, but injured is injured; there’s no obvious reason that an injury of a certain severity should sideline a footballer and not, say, a linebacker or a point guard. I confess myself baffled.


November 13, 2009 - Posted by | Other Soccer

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