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Apparently BROCK! has mono, and won’t be fighting until March at the earliest. If you’re scoring at home that’s Lesnar out with mono, GSP out with a groin issue (overuse?), Machida out with hand surgery, Thiago Alves out wit a busted knee ligament, Dan Henderson gone with strong rumors of having signed with Strikeforce, Matt Hughes out with not wanting to fight, Rampage Jackson out with butthurt, Anderson Silva out with an elbow issue- probably, Wanderlei Silva out with new face, and a million undercard guys like Todd Duffee and Kurt Pellegrino out with various injuries and issues. The second quarter of next year is going to be packed and a ton of fun, but I have legitimately no idea how they’re going to fill all of these shows between now and March. There’s talk about Cain Velasquez and Big Nog in January; I’m not sure that’s a main event (though it is a great fight), but it may be the best thing they’ve got. It’ll be interesting to see how UFC’s popularity explosion handles a slack period like this, whether buyrates snap back in March/April or whether a few months of minimal hype and mainstream coverage cools off some of the more casual interest.


November 5, 2009 - Posted by | MMA |

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