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Noooo, They Be Stealin’ My Brocket (Plus: Cecil Peoples Sucks)

So Brock’s out of UFC 106, leaving Forrest vs. Moai as the main event. Not much analysis to this one; it sucks, but it means that one way or another the early months of next year will be heavily loaded with Brock vs. Carwin (Jan. 2 is the reported new date), Silva vs. Vitor, the return of GSP eventually, the return of Rampage probably, Shogun vs. Machida II, etc. We’ll know more about what it means if the rumors of them trying to find a new fight to add to 106 turn out to be true- personally if I were them I’d leave it alone as the main plus Finch vs. Alves is still a good card to my mind, but hey- we shall see.

Side note: Cecil Peoples defends his Rua-Machida I card.

On the one hand, good for him for being willing to defend his card, if these quotes are legitimate.

On the other hand, if these do turn out to be accurate, it’s such an ignorant, ridiculous, arrogant and thoroughly incompetent performance by him that he should be finally banned from judging the sport in all commissioned states as a result. He’s been notorious for years as the worst judge in the sport; for him to have so little understanding of what was happening in front of him is an indictment of the people who allow him to have a continuing voice in the sport (again: if the quotes are genuine). When you cut through the bullshit, you find two clear things here: that he’s all but stating that leg kicks are an illegitimate technique which can’t win a fight and therefore don’t really count as scoring blows (good luck finding that in the rules), and that Machida was somehow showing “octagon control” in that fight. The first claim is too ridiculous to need responding to.

For the second- look, I thought Andre Dirrell beat Carl Froch; I’m more than willing to respect the game of a mover who avoids strikes with footwork and forces the other guy to chase him (in my view) ineffectively. But Rua did more visible damage, more functional damage and out-landed Machida in every single round of that fight. Machida’s footwork was not making Rua miss, it wasn’t making him fight at a distance where he couldn’t be effective, it wasn’t setting up counter-shots which led to near finishes, it wasn’t allowing Machida to gas Shogun out or break him down- what precisely did it achieve? You move for a PURPOSE- the fact that you move, the other guy follows you, then you get your ass kicked at the new location is not octagon control in any meaningful sense. Rua solved Machida- he rendered Machida’s typical gameplan wholly ineffective by striking not at the head but at the lead leg and the body. That Machida continued to employ that gameplan despite being beaten isn’t evidence that it was working, it’s evidence that he needs to find a plan B if he wants to win the rematch.

In short: Cecil Peoples is ridiculous if he actually said this, and so far I have yet to see one legitimate card in favor of Machida which anyone has actually defended. Feel free to let me know if you see one. Moreover, there are elements of Peoples’ claim which represent one the basic fallacies of terrible judging, which I’ll deal with in a post later this week.


October 27, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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