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I cannot believe this needs to be said, but I have read several people defending that Iole column on the basis that Rua should have been looking for a stoppage and therefore the real issue was bad advice. This is stupid on several levels, of which here are a few:

1. Rua only “needs” to finish that fight if you agree with the judges’ scoring, and by that same scoring Rua fought more effectively in the later rounds after he was down on the score cards. If fighting effectively can be taken as a synonym for doing damage and striving to potentially finish a fight, than according to those judges Rua acted precisely the way he was advised not to do.

2. There’s two functional elements to the cornermen-are-at-fault thesis: the actual accuracy of the judges, and the degree to which the Rua corner should have been aware of the Judges take. There are thus 4 potential combinations of those factors. If the judges are correct and Rua’s corner should have known, then they are culpable; but in a fight where most polls show 80% of fans believing the judges were wrong, no one on press row had it for Machida, and Dana White believes the judging was bad enough to warrant an immediate rematch, this is an extremely difficult contention to defend. If the judges are incorrect and Rua’s corner should have known they would be, then you’re essentially saying that they should be able to read the minds of judges to know that they’re performing incompetently. Given the presence of Cecil Peoples I’ll give partial credit to this one, but for all three judges to be so wrong (or so out of line with the majority view) isn’t something which can be reasonably anticipated. If the judges were correct and Rua’s corner should not have known, the case is the same. If the judges were incorrect and Rua’s corner should not have known, then the fault again is with the judges.

Put more plainly, it’s not reasonable for the corner to anticipate judging so outside the mainstream view of the fight. One judge, maybe; all three, no. Based on the way almost everyone saw the fight, Rua WAS winning, and thus their advice was completely reasonable based on the evidence they had to hand and the reasonable inferences they could draw therefrom.

3. In additional support of the corner, the risk profile of attempting a finish at all costs vs. that of controlled aggression is not the same on several levels. Going for a finish and getting it would guarantee a win and make Rua a major star stateside; but getting KO’d would be a huge risk to his career, the chances of being so increase dramatically with going all-out for the KO, and the marginal fame value of KOing Machida vs. decisioning him isn’t that high given that in either case Rua would still be defeating an undefeated champion for a major title in a PPV headliner.

Give it up folks, that column is indefensible.


October 26, 2009 - Posted by | MMA |


  1. Thank you. Kevin Iole is a fucking idiot.

    What more did Rua need to do to win that fight? I mean between the 4 of us watching it, 3 of us had it 4-1 and 1 had it 3-2.

    It appeared to us, his corner, just about everyone in press row, and Dana White that Rua won that fight. EVEN KEVIN IOLE scored it 48-47 Rua.

    Iole is just a lackey for the UFC. He hears Dana say “oh Rua should have worked harder in the last 30 seconds of each round to sway the judges opinions”. Low and behold, he comes out w/ a column shortly afterwards basically saying that. Iole needs to wipe the brown off his nose.

    Comment by kenonbass | October 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Yeah, I, too, am so done with Iole and Yahoo! I couldn’t even believe that column. What a UFC hack.

    Comment by Tony | October 26, 2009 | Reply

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