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Let’s all be honest: Shogun won that fight, and there’s almost no way you can legitimately card that fight for Machida. I’ll accept 3-2 Shogun from the PPV evidence; if you had Machida winning, I’d say it’s incumbent on you to write a justification of that card in detail and with specific reference to the judging criteria, because almost everyone seemed to have Rua winning that fight. He landed more shots, harder shots, more frequent shots in more of the rounds and drove Machida around the ring. He won. I picked Machida by KO, and even I’ll tell you that. I don’t have great interest in telling UFC what they “should” book under ordinary circumstances, but there’s no way to avoid doing Machida vs. Shogun II now and retain any meaning in that belt- to my mind the scoring was clear enough that I feel comfortable calling Shogun the uncrowned champion, and to my mind Machida now needs to prove that he can beat Shogun and not vice-versa. Do Shogun vs. Machida II, and the winner gets the winner of Rampage vs. the winner of Silva vs. Evans.

EDIT: and on a side note, anyone using the “but you need to beat the champion, innit” argument bugger off, can’t they? There is absolutely nothing in the official scoring criteria which says the champion gets a 2-round handicap, and in any case the whole point of being the champion is that you’ve PROVEN yourself to be the best; the idea that you can still be the champion because someone beat you- but you know, not enough– is both antithetical to the spirit of honest competition, and undermines the entire rationale of naming a “champion” in the first place. If you lose you lose and if you win you win.

Incidentally, I’ve read some of the stupidest things I’ve ever read from any human being on earth in the last hour in regards to this fight. My favorite so far is from some knuckle-dragging subnormal at the boards who came up with “I’m going to give every round to the champion unless the challenger does better, in which case I’ll give him 10-8 rounds” as his judging criteria for this fight, and yes, if you’re wondering I don’t know if this is Cecil Peoples or not. I swear to God, there needs to be some sort of UFC-sponsored 12 week class on how to judge a fight for fans and pros alike at this point, because the percentage of unjustifiably buttheaded cards seems to increase year by year.

DOUBLE EDIT: Post edited for language, bile moved to the post above.


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