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The Stupidest Thing You Can Say

Seriously, how fucking stupid is this?

“The men who should be facing the wrath of those who felt Rua had won should not be Hamilton, Peoples and Rosales, who rendered their opinions in a very technical, taut affair. Rather, Rua supporters should be angry at his corner men, who continually told him he was well ahead.”

Yeah, sure, except that Rua won round 5 on all 3 judges’ cards, and won round 4 on 2 of 3. Clearly he slacked off because he thought he was winning.

“And while many disagree with the judges, their decision is at least defensible. ”

Ok, defend it. Seriously, I fucking hate when incompetent assholes like Iole say “it was defensible” and then DON’T FUCKING DEFEND IT. You defend it, if it’s defensible, by explaining round for round what you saw and when you saw it. Just saying something “was defensible” is the lamest cop-out in the world for a professional journalist. You get paid a salary to know what the fuck you’re talking about, so why is it that you can’t even be bothered to refer to specifics in the most controversial scoring decision of the year in this sport? I’ve read God knows how many message board comments in the last few hours defending the decision which at least gave me SPECIFICS: Machida backed Rua up to the fence with hard shots, landed the individually most damaging blows, and came closest to finishing. I disagree with those contentions, but at least they’re SOMETHING, which is light years better than vague invocations that something was “defensible”. Hiding behind that one word is gutless.

“he and many of the angry fans didn’t take time to consider that the judges weren’t drinking beer and eating popcorn and slapping five with their friends or doing any of the things that fans do as they watch a bout. Their concentration was on the cage and the action inside it for all five minutes of every round.”

Yeah, guess what, so was mine and that of the 5 other people in the room I watched the fight with, and not a one of them thought Machida won. Deal with it. Throwing bullshit like this out there is the mainstream journalist’s shorthand for “you’re too stupid to understand the sport”, which is A) not a great case to make when you’re arguing Cecil Peoples’ side of an argument and B) would be at the same level as my disregarding anything Kevin Iole had to say because he’s a lard-assed walking gravy boat. The fight happened; talk about the fight, not what you imagine the reasons for the dissenting opinions might be. Anything else is a moronic ad hominem. And I’m not even going to invoke Doug Fisher’s stories here about commission-approved judges in California, but for anyone who’s heard those- the idea that these guys are the best of the best isn’t even a joke.

“Fans, who are distracted by other things, tend to look away from the action for a split second or two several times in a fight, whether it be to talk to a friend, grab a snack or gesticulate after a big blow. When a bout is as close as Machida-Rua was, that’s often the difference between scoring the round correctly and getting it wrong.”

Not that he’ll ever read this, but Kevin Iole has a standing invitation to come watch a fight with me for free if he’s ever in NYC, because I guarantee I know more about boxing and MMA than he does and I know a couple of other people who that’s true of as well. And in any case, from the Wrestling Observer live coverage of the fight from press row: “Not one person at press row had it for Machida.” And keep in mind, that’s by Dave Meltzer, who had it 49-46 for Rua and who actually has been a UFC judge in the past. But, you know, don’t let that from stopping you, gravy boat.

““It was a matter of each round being won on maybe one or two little things,” Hamilton said following the fight. “There was no sustained action by anybody in that fight. There were no combinations thrown. It was always one punch, one kick. So you look at it and say, ‘What was effective in that fight? What was effective in that round?’ Based on that, somebody wins the round.””

A quote which serves to establish that, yes, judges look to score the round for one person or another. What the fuck is the point of including this quote? Answer: because gravy boat wants you to know that he talked to a judge and you didn’t, peon.

““They’re assuming he’s hurt,” Hamilton said. “You don’t really know, though, do you?””

I imagined that giant welt, clearly. And in any case, if you think you can’t assume that Machida was hurt, fine- tell me what MACHIDA did to win the fight. If you can’t, what the fuck good are you? At least dipshits on Bloody Elbow can defend their scoring.

“Had they sent him out with a sense of urgency for the fourth and fifth rounds, history might have been different on Saturday”

Point to me where “sense of urgency” is in the scoring criteria. Point out to me how it’s easier to determine “sense of urgency” than it is to determine whether the giant fuck-off welt on Machida hurt or not. Rua WON THE 4TH AND 5TH ROUNDS on 5 of the 6 scorecards combined- exactly how much more urgency could he have shown?

A completely and totally incompetent article from Iole, written, literally, below the level of a message board troll at a site like MMA Junkie or 5 Ounces of Pain. It’s lazy, it’s sloppy, it’s the usual sycophantic “defense” of official judging which boils down to “everyone else is too stupid to understand the sport, and the score is what it is because we say so”. This is an article which is bad enough for me to pay no further attention to the author unless there’s a very good reason, because it’s entirely lazy and dishonest, and appears to have been written so that the author can continue to get privileged access to commission judges after fights. Things like this are why journalism as a whole is such a fucking joke these days.


October 25, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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