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It’s apparently come out now that the next fight for Machida and Shogun is a rematch most likely, so at least there’s that to look forward to- it’s not an excuse for the judges cocking up the first one, but it’s at least a chance for Shogun to re-prove the point or for Machida to even accounts. I look forward to it. I wonder, though- if the rematch is made, will everyone who’s arguing tonight that Machida won have the balls to go ahead and argue that there shouldn’t be a rematch because Machida was clearly the victor? That should produce some amusement.

And incidentally, side note- when I say that people who argue a card is defensible should actually defend it, it’s not as though I’m asking for an impossible task; punchstat-style metrics certainly aren’t the be-all end all of evidence, but this is still highly suggestive. To spare you the click through- Rua out-landed Machida in every round, including 21-7 in the second round which all three judges gave to Machida. I’m not saying it’s insane to give Machida that round; 2 and 3 are the debatable ones to my mind. But at some point, when the numbers run that way and your card runs the other, you have to explain the discrepancy. All three judges should probably be in the CSAC offices bright and early Monday morning, doing so.


October 25, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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