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That game was an abomination in the eyes of man, God & nature. Sanchez will probably never have a worse game in his professional career, and without Thomas Jones being awesome this game wouldn’t have even been this close. Yes, it could be worse- we could be the Titans AKA the Titanics- but there needs to be some serious confidence-boosting work done before the next game, because these are the kinds of losses which just kill a team.

In further news, between the G-Men leaving for New Orleans without their talent, the Jets losing at home to a hideous team and the Andre Dirrell decision, this has been a pure shite weekend for sports! Here’s hoping SNF is fun. I need UFC 104 to get here already.


October 18, 2009 - Posted by | The Jets


  1. What did you have against the Dirrell decision? He completely lost that fight and has no right to complain about the decision. He went on the road and did just enough to make rounds close; he only has himself to blame for that lose. It was a very close fight with very tough rounds to score. And the judges did a good job as all three had it close (7 rounds to 5 or 6-6). He should be kicking himself for not taking the fight to Froch, especially considering he’s fighting the champ in his hometown.

    Comment by Tony M. | October 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. That last sentence has a lot to do with it- that it’s become accepted that a guy can’t win a competitive fight on the road, and it’s rarely questioned. We’re also having a major scoring disagreement again I think, as to my mind a close fight in which one guy is, say, 10% better each round can legitimately be scored as a landslide for him; in fact not scoring it as such means you’re taking the results of previous rounds into account in scoring future rounds, which to my mind in a major no-no.

    Comment by theshipbesinking | October 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. As Dan Rafael wrote (again, maybe you had Dirrell winning, but to that say it was a robbery are out of line…In my humble opinion:)

    “Dirrell also fought in his normal negative, agonizing style. He ran, he cried to the referee about just about everything and he held. And grabbed. And wrestled. At times, it was like watching a smaller, faster, more skilled version of John Ruiz. It was ugly. When Dirrell, who has all the talent in the world but still fights like an amateur, would stand and fight, he landed some nice counter right hands. But he didn’t do it nearly enough.”

    “How can you give Dirrell the fight when, for the most part, he fought scared, complained to the referee about everything and barely threw any punches in the first half or two-thirds of the fight? He finished very strong, but it wasn’t enough to warrant or deserve the decision. At best, he could have had a draw, which would have still not given him the title.”

    Comment by Tony | October 19, 2009 | Reply

  4. In fairness, I never said it was a robbery; I think it’s definitely possible to have scored the thing for Froch. I just think Dirrell never had much of a chance to win that fight on the cards regardless, and I think we’re all getting too comfortable with the idea that a traveling fighter can get jobbed- so much so that it’s become expected and accepted that he will. Dirrell wasn’t jobbed, per se; but there’s multiple ways of looking at that kind of fight, and the judges were only ever going to choose one. It’s a benefit of the doubt thing, not an outright robbery thing. In this case.

    About Rafael- excellent writer, great analyst, sometimes gets hung up on random things. He writes in that column about Froch “making the fight, coming forward and firing”, and ignores that none of those are scoring categories as such- “effective aggression” is, and I have a lot of trouble calling much of what Froch did early in that fight effective at all. “He fought scared” is also not a scoring category, it’s a guess about a guy’s frame of mind; “he fought like an amateur” is not a scoring category, it’s penalizing a guy because you think he should fight in a different style than he does. “He complained/cried” isn’t a scoring category, it’s just personal prejudice.

    If you watched that fight and thought Froch won the early rounds on aggression, clinch-punching and his jab and that Dirrell was running more than controlling the ring, ok, I won’t argue- that’s fair, and those are all relevant scoring criteria. It’s the dragging in of random other things that bugs me, because it seems to me like part of a pattern of people ignoring what the scoring system actually says and is.

    We need to do a podcast of us arguing about this or something 🙂

    Comment by theshipbesinking | October 20, 2009 | Reply

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