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Two other links from the Guardian, while I’m at it…

First, a former ref has called out “I refuse to call you Sir. that should be reserved for individuals of class such as SIR Bobby Robson” Alex Ferguson as being a “bully”. 

On one hand, that’s great – Ferguson has indeed bullied referees for much of his managerial career, and he’s gotten a free pass on it to a frankly remarkable (and ludicrous) degree. On the other hand, this is unfortunately coming out of the word-hole of notorious media whore Jeff Winter, who seriously has failed to shut the fuck up for 10 consecutive seconds since he thankfully retired from the game. Look, referees have a godawful job and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Most of them honestly do their best to monitor a very fast game with very little help. I hesitate to slate referees for that reason, and I try to reserve it for the very worst, such as Mike “Confirmed Manchester United supporter” Riley and whoever that piece of filth was who called the match against Citeh.

However, Winter was a SHITE referee in his day, and him opening his yap on a subject that has exactly zero to do with him doesn’t help anyone. Know what would actually make a difference? If a current referee came out and talked about this, even off the record or anonymously. Of course, that has as much chance of happening as me shacking up with the apparently-now-single Jessica Biel, so there you go.


Fat Sol wants Arsenal to bail him out fitness-wise while he looks for a new club. Oh, come on now, lad. You think we’ve forgotten your absolute mental capitulation against West Ham some years back? You think we’ve forgotten you shirking your duties and turning your back on our club?

Fuck off, sunshine.


October 6, 2009 - Posted by | Other Soccer, The Arsenal

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