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Kimbo vs. Nelson

Fight was unmitigated hogwash.

Kimbo actually did alright for himself I thought, all things considered; he stuffed one takedown and probably got the better of the standup exchanges, before being taken down and noogied to death. Someone desperately needs to teach him either a counter knee or a better uppercut, because Nelson was open for either of those several times while bending from the waist to avoid Kimbo’s straight shots. Realistically he’ll never be much better than he is now but he has has improved a little and has the chance to be more than a pure hype job- this loss was certainly a better one than being KO’d with a jab in 14 seconds by a light heavyweight the way he was last time out. And to give the man his credit, he continues to have this odd, hard-to-define charisma which seems to insulate his drawing power somewhat from losses; he’s just such an improbable human being in some ways- a gigantically bearded backyard brawler who’s far smarter than he’s given credit for- that there’s a real entertainment value to be derived from watching this man interact with the normal world and/or the other mutants in the TUF house.

Big winner of the night really is Roy Nelson though. I have zero clue as to what this man is like in real life, but either naturally or through the magic of editing he’s coming off as a colossal prick on the show this year. And it’s a naturalistic sort of prickishness; he doesn’t have the cartoonish and forced quality of, say, Junie Browning which for me at least was incredibly irritating and actually made me quit watching that season of TUF. I can’t say as yet that it’s pay-money-to-watch-this-guy-lose prickishness, btu the potential amusement value of Brock Lesnar vs. Roy Nelson did cross my mind during tonight’s episode, and if Roy ends up winning this thing I’m really not opposed to that fight happening, especially if Shane Carwin beats Lesnar in their fight. Nelson would be one of the most memorable TUF winners if this keeps up.

All in all this is still the best season of TUF in forever.


September 30, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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