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That didn’t take long- Prokhorov and Ratner et al. have announced the deal. Given the number of approving David Stern quotes out there there’s every reason to assume this one is done and the Nets have been sold, with the last formalities to take only about another 6 months. There’s already speculation about the impact this will have on management decisions (and decisions about management) though so far as I can tell at this point it rests largely on unsourced gossip and speculation off of the translation of Prokhorov’s blog. That doesn’t mean it’s at all inaccurate; but I would guess at this early stage and given how quickly this deal came together that Prokhorov himself probably hasn’t come to any firm decisions one way or another about the future of the club. One possible exception: Tom Ziller, who knows his shit, is convinced that the Nets are about to be gigantic players in free agency next summer, throwing money around as much as possible to improve the team quickly. I have to say, so far as I can tell the evidence points that way given Prokhorov’s funding of CSKA Moscow. It is still the Nets and it is still New Jersey for the moment which may hamper recruitment efforts, but at the risk of being flippant about it, it probably doesn’t hurt that the one brush with the law in Prokharov’s past was for showing his guests a good time.

All of a sudden, next season is a lot weirder and more interesting.


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