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Quick followup to the Crocop post:

I’ve read in a bunch of places the suggestion that Mirko should go to 205 to revitalize his career. This, to me, illustrates the fundamental lack of depth in the analysis many fans do. Mirko is a 35 year old kickboxer from Europe with little wrestling background who’s expressed reservations recently about the damage done to his body and his own desire to continue competing. Does this man really sound like a good candidate to begin doing serious weight cutting for the first time in his professional career? And even if he could make 205, does that really help him all that much competitively? He’d be larger or equal in size to his opposition which would probably help insulate him somewhat from the bullying he’s been subject to in the octagon so far, but his major issue right now is a lack of quickness leading to an inability to pull the trigger effectively on his most devastating strikes. If anything moving down into a much deeper division full of naturally quicker fighters, many of whom are more skilled and thus often more defensively responsible, will exacerbate those problems. Maybe Crocop could be effective-ish at that weight against top 15-20 guys, maybe not, but it’s in no way an obvious slam-dunk move to recapture his glory days.

Even if he did decide to rededicate himself to fighting and try 205, time works against him. Athletically he is where he is and will slip farther as time passes, and he likely can’t learn to improve his other skills fast enough to compensate (he hasn’t been able to so far). It’ll take time for his body to adjust to 205, more time to build up a resume at that weight, more time still to win over a crowd which has known him mostly as a damp squib, and given his age and UFC track record he’s always one win away from stalling back into his current position. If he goes down to 205 and beats an unknown, then beats Krysztof Soszynski, then loses a close decision to Tito Ortiz (just throwing names out there), what has he accomplished? He’d be a 36 or 37 year old journeyman at that point rather than a 35 year old journeyman. The experience would do nothing for his legacy, and if it was only about money then he’d be in DREAM right now smashing unknowns as a special attraction.


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