The Ship Be Sinking

Mouth Almighty

Gilbert Arenas

Kanye West with a basketball. The level of self-absorption and lack of professionalism here is really amazing, because it’s so obvious to everyone that if they’d tried to curtail or control him in any way during the process he’d have whined the stars out of the heavens. To be perfectly honest, since the Wiz are going to suck this year anyway, I’d love to see them suspend him for two weeks at the start of the season for “conditioning purposes”, just to call his bluff. They’ve got him signed until the end of time which means they’ve got to learn to deal with him, and so far he’s run right over that organization and gone out of his way to trash them in one way or another for much of his tenure. It’s probably time to send a message- this sort of thing is more or less definitional of conduct detrimental to the team.

EDIT: for a totally different and more sympathetic read on Arenas, try Bullets Forever. Strikes me as the kind of microparsing you have to do to defend your team’s star when your team’s star is a goof, but hey- Nate Robinson’s my favorite current player, so what do I know?


September 17, 2009 - Posted by | Other NBA

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