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Adrian Wojnarowski calls out Jordan

Takes balls to write that on some level, since even now so much of the Jordan mystique lingers. And yet, Wojnarowski isn’t alone; Truehoop had a similar in tone post a few days ago referring to the ingrained lie about Jordan being cut from his high school team, and a lot of the public forum comments on the occasion have been 50-50 in regards to their general tone about the man. The funny thing is, for such an iconic and heavily built up public figure Jordan hasn’t really fooled anyone who cared to look in years, possibly not since before “The Jordan Rules” came out. He IS a conman, an asshole, a man who by most accounts has treated nearly everyone in his life poorly, a poor sport, and a fraud who never made a decision he didn’t first run past a marketing department unless gambling was involved. On the other hand, he was the greatest basketball player of all time, a winner like few in history, and one of a vanishingly small collection of professional athletes to have simultaneously been gifted with unparalleled natural ability AND to have worked harder than almost anyone else to get the most out of that ability. In one area of his life, he’s been worthy of respect and admiration of the highest degree; in most others he’s something of a joke and an embarrassment.

It’s tempting to say that this is the path of all athletes with the ability and drive to be the best at their sport: the mind looks for comparisons to Barry Bonds and his steroids and relationship problems, Maradona’s cocaine issues and managerial incompetence, Micky Mantel’s drinking, Ray Robinson’s family issues, etc. And yet, for every individual along those lines, there’s a Bill Russell or a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or a Pele or a Wayne Gretzky or a Roger Federer without any evidence of those sorts of glaring personality flaws. So what can you say? Some people are just assholes, independent of talent or any other characteristics. And as great as Jordan was, that’s part of his legacy as well- a meanness of spirit. That, and the Charlotte Bobcats.


September 12, 2009 - Posted by | Other NBA

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