The Ship Be Sinking

Mouth Almighty


And incidentally, on Adebayor:

In his first season or so with the club, ol’ Ade was one of my favorite players; I loved the way he led defense from the front, the constant activity and hard work, the winning smile, and (I admit) the fact that his name and general look reminded me of one of my favorite musicians, Vybz Kartel (Adidja Palmer). It’s a cliche, but on this one art and life really are dovetailing: in the season in which Ade finds himself chasing his greed into the outer darkness beyond the reaches of Arsenal, Kartel is currently under musical attack from his mentor, the mighty Bounty Killer, who alleges that Kartel betrayed him and used him in order to make money. Sound familiar? The nice thing about it is that Bounty has accidentally come up with the perfect song to describe Adebayor: Ungrateful Hellboy

“Deceitful! Ungrateful and deceitful! If you can’t be good, try be careful, don’t follow hellboy and wear no fake wool….”

“Fucking traitor”



I don’t wish harm to Ade, but I’d love to see him try to keep that stupid grin in place on the ass-end of a 7-0 scoreline.

EDIT: Hahahaha, I wrote this before I saw this article with Adepaymore bitching specifically about American and Jamaican fans. The best part is when he complains about being booed and somehow blames Americans and Jamaicans for this, as though we were teleporting in just to tell him how much he sucked. But really, what can you say? Adebayor is the most disgracefully foolish and despicable player in England at the moment this side of Joey Barton, and there’s no point even trying to refute anything he says because his motives are so transparent- to distract from his own behavior. Well, Jamaicans have a saying about how character exposes itself: that the higher someone climbs, the more of their ass you can see. And New Yorkers have a saying as well: Go fuck yourself.

(Hat tip)

September 12, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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