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Allen Iverson: Grizzlie

I am a cruel and heartless fan shaped by years of Isiah Thomas-as-GM and Derrick Coleman-as-Net, so I have to admit I was kind of rooting for this to happen. Next year’s Grizzlies will probably be a good offensive team by dint of pure talent, but they’re also likely to be the single most disorganized and incoherent offensive outfit of recent times. Rudy Gay has been gaining a ballhog’s rep of late, Iverson’s always been ball-dominant (and in fairness has often played on teams designed around him being so), OJ Mayo needs his shots to be worth anything, and… Zbo, who speaks for himself. They should run a contest to guess the average team assists per game, and if they do put me in for 4.5. This has a chance to be the greatest Rucker Park unit of all time, and as much as I hate to admit it I’m actually quite interested in how well it does or does not work this year- the Grizz will be bad, but the question is whether it’s an ordinary bad (25 wins?) or a towering, extraordinary bad (15?). They won 24 last year and in theory the maturation of a young roster plus the addition of new talent should make them better, but I’ve never yet seen Zbo be a positive and there’s a limit to the potential marginal improvement of adding more players who do the same things as the players you already had.

At least the Grizzlies understand that if you’re going to be awful, be interesting in the process.


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