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Sessions to sign with Wolves?

God, who on earth is running the Wolves? It’s like they change the names but not the brains over there as each year brings a new memorably puzzling decision or two. They drafted two (technically, three!) PGs in the lottery this year, were unable to sign one but got the other- so their next move is to sign a young, talented borderline All-Star candidate who plays the same position to a long term deal? Just inexplicable, really. It’s almost like they’re trying to put together a team of parts that don’t fit, starting with the Kevin Love/Al Jefferson duplication and moving onwards from there. I’d say Sessions is a major upgrade but if he succeeds you’ve got a queer backcourt who is horribly undersized if they play together and doesn’t take best advantage of available talent if they don’t, and if Sessions is a backup you’re paying through the nose for that spot. It’s not like signing Sessions is a BAD thing exactly, but in a salary-capped sport you’ve only got so many bullets in the gun and the Wolves appear to be spending one to make sure a dead guy is really, really dead.

EDIT: Fun pair of T Wolves stats with Love & Jefferson as starters/regulars in the frontcourt last year: the team was an excellent 5th overall in the league in defensive rebound rate… and 27th in defensive efficiency. No doubt there’s nuances here that I’m not picking up, but on paper that seems to me to be an almost textbook example of the on-court issues with player duplication when the players involved aren’t all-around talents: it makes a team overwhelmingly good at one thing and often poor at the goals that one thing is intended to achieve. It’s not really an accident that the Wolves also finished last year 28th in blocks and conceded the 5th highest opponent FG%.


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