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UFC 102 ended up being a pretty darn good show, and I’ll do analysis once I’ve had a chance to rewatch it without poker and rum as factors, but I feel I should acknowledge that Jeeeeeeeeesus was I bad on picks tonight. 0-for-the-entire-main-card. I really, really sucked tonight!

That said, it was really nice to see several fighters on the border of things do so much for their career tonight- Brandon Vera proved he can beat a solid fighter at 205 when put under pressure, Jake Rosholt proved he can hang with legitimate fighters at the UFC level and has a far wider range of skills than I’d credited him with, Thiago Silva proved he could come back from his first KO loss and beat a top fighter at 205, and of course- Nog, who proved there’s far more left in the tank than I and many others had believed there to be. Guys like Keith Jardine and Randy Couture will be back as they’ve long since proved their value and mettle, but for those four these wins most likely make all the difference for their careers. Frankly, in most of those cases I’m happy to be wrong.


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