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I’m not in a spot where I can watch the Arsenal-Celtic game at the moment, but I’m reading two MBMs to keep up. So far both have bewailed an apparently totally egregious Eduardo dive for a penalty, and now following a second goal Eboue has been booked for excessive celebration for pulling his shirt off. Simultaneously, a Celtic player is booked for a reckless challenge, and another had previously been pulled off at the half due to being a potential danger over anger at the dive. There’s still 30+ minutes left in this. Are Arsenal TRYING to start a bench-clearer? Why are you diving and behaving in an unsportsmanlike fashion in a home game when you’re already 2, 3 or 4 up in the tie?


Ok, now I’ve seen the play, and it’s as bad as described. Eduardo does not have a history of this so there’s no point in going over the top on him, but the fact of the matter is he cheated, at home, 2-0 up in the tie, against a vastly inferior side. That is, simply, horseshit; but it’s the kind of horseshit you have to expect from professionals these days. What really bothers me is that he’s going to get away with it: with the lack of video replay and/or officials who have the ability to discern and the balls to card for diving, cheating essentially pays in football at the moment. Indeed you could make a solid case that it’s tacitly encouraged by the manifest refusal to get serious about enforcing rules and penalties regarding it. At the moment the only real regulation is the assurance that other professionals will cheat in exactly the same way, so the next time Wayne Rooney or Robbie Keane or Steve Gerrard suddenly takes flight against Arsenal, here’s a play to keep in mind before anyone begins moaning about the tragedy of it all.

Can you imagine if United or Chelsea had done something like this in the beatings they administered to Arsenal last season? We’d have never heard the end of it among the cries for Drogba or Ronaldo to be deported. Eddie will get away with less criticism because he seems like such a nice guy, but the fact that even such a generally gentlemanly player as him thought this was a smart thing to do that he could get away with- correctly so- says it all, really. Frankly, until a manager pulls his team off the pitch in response to this type of thing nothing will change I suspect.


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