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Oh, And

If Jamaican dudes doing country and western dances in chaps to the tune of the Benny Hill theme music wasn’t weird enough, Josh Gross is reporting that Anderson Silva wants to fight Frank Mir.

Andy by 1st round KO if it happens. Which, frankly, it should; everyone likes the occasional freak show fight, both guys would get paid a ton for it, and it’ll continue the making-Silva-a-star process. And what the hell else do you do with Mir now, anyway? I say go for it and let Andy unleash his inner Pacquiao for good.


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Even More Off Topic

I’ve been listening to dancehall for many years now; sometimes I get asked why I enjoy it so much. Well, here’s a big part of the answer. Give it until the 3:00 mark when the horns kick in. Just the goofiest thing ever, increasingly so as it goes along.

See y’all Monday!

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Holy Shit

Final numbers aren’t in yet, but apparently UFC 101 did right around a million buys on PPV. A MILLION BUYS. That’s a colossal number for what was expected to be a solid if not amazing second-tier show which got minimal hype in the wake of UFC 100. This was not a huge show that had been built up to for months, not one that drew hype from Ultimate Fighter and months of TV exposure, not one with one of the top 3 stars in the company on it, or so it was thought. Just a show, albeit one with slightly-better-than-average matches on top. A MILLION BUYS. Something is happening here. Meltzer in the Observer ascribes it to four things: Forrest Griffin is a bigger star than we thought, Brock Lesnar appears to draw in new fans every time he fights, the video game is reaching new audiences and drawing them towards the core product, and mainstream media coverage with a positive slant is growing. Certainly a reasonable analysis, and not one I can add to without giving it some thought. I’m mostly stunned by the fact that this is happening so quickly. This is a sport which had two brief and quickly burned out burst of popularity in this country prior to 2006, and which in the subsequent three years has exploded past every reasonable and most unreasonable estimates of its potential popularity. It’s just fucking amazing, frankly.I figured this show for 600,000 buys, tops. Swing and a miss on that one.

I’m house sitting until Sunday, so likely back Monday.

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