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Celtic 0-2 Arsenal

I won’t get into ridiculous depth on this one. For one thing, the game wasn’t much of a spectacle…also,  this is my favorite team (Arsenal) against my second-favorite team and I’ve found myself not being able to enjoy this victory all that much despite the fact that my allegiance when the chips are down clearly lies with Arsenal.

Anyway, from what I saw (being able to nip into the break room at work for 15-20 minute stretches at a time…I did DVR this but having to wait until I got home to know what happened would just prolong my agony), the Gunners clearly controlled this game in the midfield without ever having to come up with the type of magic that tricky European ties usually seem to require. Celtic battled, almost to the point of being dirty with the amount of tactical fouling going on. However, Arsenal not only dealt with it, but gave some of it back through Song and Vermaelen (the season’s young yet, but we’re starting to see those guys come up in the same sentence fairly often).

Artur Boruc didn’t have a save to make in the entire first half until a weird deflection off of Gallas found its way past him. Then, he had almost nothing to do until a raking pass across the face of goal – after a searing run by the substitute Diaby – was turned into his own net by the hilariously inept Gary Caldwell (told you about that defense).

Celtic and their supporters may go on about the rub of the green going Arsenal’s way, but the truth of the matter is that Arsenal put themselves into positions to allow those good breaks to happen. For the last few seasons, the knock on us has correctly been that we are unable to score ugly goals. Well, we scored two today, and it provided the difference on a ground where no English team has won since Nottingham Forest in 1983 (according to a poster on the Arseblog forums).

At this point, you have to think that the tie is well and truly over. As long as a professional job is done at the Emirates, we’re in the Champions’ League proper once again…so, job done, but I’ll be happier when this ordeal is finally over.


August 18, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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