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Carano vs. Cyborg

A damn good fight for the 4:59 it went, and from a promotional perspective it had just about the best possible finish- the stoppage with a second to go was legitimate, but controversial enough that you can bring this back in 4 months and draw a rating with no problem. Alternately, have them each face a nobody for the moment and have the rematch as the semi-main to a first PPV. From a fighting perspective, Cyborg looked in a different class to be honest- I’m glad I got my pick for Mousasi vs. Babalu correct because otherwise I’d be damned embarrassed of my misjudgment of this one. Cyborg looked like a fighter; Gina looked like someone in the relatively early stages of training as her response to most strikes was simply to turtle with a high guard and wait for the pounding to end, and that’s ultimately what did her in. She may be able to work some of that out in time but she faces the odd conundrum of being a competitor with an instinct to engage and yet little natural instincts as a striker, a fighter by nature without a fighter’s skills. If she had more head movement and footwork she might have gotten this into later rounds; as it was, you could tell from a fairly early point in the fight that she was simply overmatched in the exchanges. Still, a good main event and a good show overall.


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