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Apparently Fedor’s first opponent in Strikeforce may be RICCO RODRIGUEZ according to multiple sources (MMA Junkie, Steve Cofield). RICCO. ROD. RIGUEZ.

Absolutely 100% farm-fresh government certified industrial-strength NO BUYS. In fact it’s so tremendously NO BUYS that it tells you exactly who has the whip-hand in the Strikeforce/M1 “partnership”, if the first opponent selected to build to a Fedor-headlined PPV is someone with name recognition only to hardcores, who are precisely the fan population who knows what sort of competition Rodriguez actually represents at this stage of his career. But in the meantime M1 and Fedor will get a healthy check for fighting guys a half-step above tomato-can status who represent no risk, and if the PPV does bloodbath numbers they aren’t on the hook for any of the losses because their “co-promotional” deals are structured to shield them.

The amazing thing is just how tone-deaf a move this would be by M1. At a time when more fans than ever are convinced by the Fedor-fears-competition-he’s-not-really-that-good narrative they’re throwing him in there with an opponent who last had a really meaningful fight in 2003 when he went 0-3 in consecutive fights against Tim Sylvia, Big Nog and Pedro Rizzo to wash out of both UFC and Pride, never to return. Since then he’s lost every meaningful fight he’s had against the likes of Travis Wiuff, Jeff Monson, Bigfoot Silva, Ben Rothwell, etc. and lost his last nationally televised fight against Silva by showing up pudgy and indolent. 17 of his 27 post-UFC opponents don’t even have wikipedia entries, and wiki has articles on the likes of Jimmy Ambriz and Rob Broughton. It doesn’t matter if Fedor crushes Rodriguez in the first 15 seconds, which he might; there’s no way to escape from or hide the fact that the matchup itself is a joke which proves nothing, which means Strikeforce/M1 would be essentially promoting on their own television the exact line of argument which Zuffa are using to discredit them.

There are real and serious if not quite top-class heavyweights for Fedor to face in Strikeforce: Fabricio Werdum, Brett Rogers, Paul Buentello, Bigfoot Silva himself if you could get him licensed, even some of the light heavyweights like Gegard Mousasi would be better- if not great- choices. That the people in charge might be thinking of unearthing Rodriguez says it all really. Hopefully this one turns out to either be pure rumor, or a working idea that gets shot down by fan revolt.


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