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Barca Bid for Fabregas?

So says the Sun, giving a specific set of figures and the suggestion of a formal bid which makes this concrete enough to bother noticing.

Look, it’s the Sun; God only knows how true this is if it’s any part of true at all. I honestly think there’s an essentially 0% chance that Fabregas is sold in this window given that there’s no time to replace him and without him the team is probably going to finish 5th or 6th. If anything comes of this I suspect it will be one of those Cronaldo-to-Madrid, we’ll-sell-you-in-a-year semi-official agreements which would allow Arsenal a space to find a replacement- if that’s the intention- and still give Joan LaPorta* a chance to flaunt his new signing in advance of the Barca presidential elections. Will that happen? I’d put the odds at 60-40 against, but if it does happen I doubt we’ll hear much from the Arsenal end anyway, so it likely won’t even come out until late in the season. If it comes out before then or becomes common knowledge, it could be a huge distraction. All that said this is likely 100% horseshit.

*Note: total fuckin’ asshole.


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