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So long as I’m making predictions, put me in the camp of people who think Alberto Aquilani is going down in flames for Liverpool this year. He’s perpetually injured, of questionable value even when healthy especially since he may end of playing deeper than he’s used to, he gets rated highly partially for “potential” despite being in mid-career, and he’s going to have to adjust from Serie A to the Premier League which are about as far apart stylistically and in terms of tempo and physicality as any two meaningful leagues can be. It’s just not a good collection of factors to have coming to bear on a player in a key year of his career, and if Liverpool get off to a bad start you can bet the crowd will get on Aquilani if he’s not conspicuously productive. Ultimately he seems like the sort of player Benitez buys for 20 million and re-sells two years later for 15 million to fund his purchase of a new 22 million version of the same thing.

Now watch him and Torres combine for like 20 goals….


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