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– About Rashard Lewis and his PED suspension, all I can say is: if you follow me in just assuming that they’re all on something, you’ll be a lot happier. The reality of the situation is that athletes who want to be the best will take whatever they think will help them and that they can get away with, and that means steroids, HGH, blood-oxygenation doping, etc. The role of testing should be to catch the really dangerous stuff, help safeguard these guys’ health to as great an extent as possible, and hopefully keep usage down to a semi-reasonable level; it probably should not be to have “a clean sport”, because that is in all likelihood a perpetually unachievable dream and certainly is beyond the reach of today’s technology. If this is scandalizing to you, I don’t know what to say; athletics is what it is, competitors are what they are, and there’s little sense pretending otherwise. The knowledge of chemistry applied to athletic performance can’t be unlearned and has been developing for a good 50+ years now. No road leads back the way we came.

I did a thought experiment a while back and came up with my favorite athlete in every sport I watch; then, the athlete who I find most distasteful. There’s not a one of them I would be willing to swear is not on anything. When you realize that virtually all pro athletes- certainly all of the high level ones- share the psychology which drives them towards use, it’s hard to get too moralistic because one guy or another gets popped on a test. None of this is an argument against testing and penalties which I’m strongly in favor of, but it is an argument to recognize who these guys are as a class of people, what motivates them, and what kind of culture they’re in. They’re all on something because the next guy might be, and they’ll be damned if they let him beat them.

-And on the Knicks front, the combination of no movement on Sessions plus this does not make for fantastic reading. In short: DO NOT WANT.


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