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Done Deal?

So says Alan Hahn

God only knows how true this is or isn’t, but it is heartening to see that all the rumors on this one are trending the same way towards the Knicks getting a shiny new non-embarrassing PG for next season. Two major points:

1. We’re getting only one shot at this people; guys who are all of good and quick and named “Ramon” do not come along too often. We’re nicknaming him “Razor”. I will not be argued with on this.

2. Sessions matters because he’s one of the first players brought in since rebuilding really got underway who stands a reasonable chance of being part of the next serious Knicks team. I love Dave Lee and if the timing were different on his free agency he could at 26 be that kind of player; but it’s not. I LOVE Nate, but it’s been abundantly clear that the current Garden braintrust just doesn’t really buy into him for the role and money he thinks he’s worth. Danilo Gallinari is a fascinating prospect and could be another guy for the next good Knicks, but we’re really not sure what we have in him yet given how up-and-down last year was. Wilson Chandler is very promising but not obviously a foundational player, and he was an Isiah guy before Walshtoni came in. This year’s draft picks are too new to make any form of call on. You can make the case that Sessions would be the first major building block, the first clear long-term answer at a key position with a real NBA trackrecord, which the new regime will have brought in. That deserves to be noted and celebrated if this comes off.


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