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The big ZOMGFEDOR news of the day is that eventually someone from M1 was found to deny yesterday’s leak (presumably from the UFC side) of the contract terms which Carmichael Dave reported that he had confirmed previously with M1. Now it’s possible the right hand and left at M1 aren’t in communication, or Dave is just wrong or lying here, or someone at M1 accidentally confirmed this before they had decided as a group how to respond. But leave all that aside for the moment; in what way is M1’s denial an actual denial? They claim that such terms were never offered- that may well be true, depending on how you interpret certain clauses or phrases. But there’s two ways to respond to that. One is simply to deny it, as they’ve done, and emphasize that you continue to demand things which were never mooted in the leak as being part of the offered deal. That’s what you say if you’re playing for PR and don’t want an actual deal of the type which was leaked- notice how the comments from M1 emphasize their claim that Fedor and M1 are the same thing, and that all of the M1 circus has to be included as part of any agreement. Their “denial” boils down to a reemphasis that no deal is possible along the lines of the leaked framework virtually regardless of the dollar figures.

The other option is this: you call UFC’s bluff. Put out a press release which says in effect that no such terms were ever offered, but if UFC would care to make the generous offer which has been discussed in the press that M1 would be happy to agree to a deal in principle along those lines. That’s the press release you put out if you’re actually looking to get a deal done with UFC and are simply trying to extract every last dime in the process. Even if you don’t actually mean it, it’s an obvious PR spin move to rally public support if you intend to continue negotiations. What’s obvious at this point is that there’s a fundamental divide between what UFC considers (in my view rightly) to be reasonable and what M1 is willing to accept- if anything. Draw your own conclusions as to why.

Bonus quote:

“ll I can say on this is both sides are putting out propaganda attempting to get the public to see things their way. In the end the issue isn’t money to Fedor as much as control of Fedor and M-1 Global won’t give up that control unless they have no other alternative. Right now, they still believe there are alternatives. ”

Dave Meltzer

“Control”. When a manager “controls” his client and theoretical ownership partner…there’s a story.


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