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The Guardian is now making it sound like Blaise Matuidi is going to be joining Arsenal for 8M, and that Vieira might be coming in addition.

Matuidi is EXACTLY the kind of player we need – while he’s only 22, he’s spent the last few seasons playing for a deceptively-good side down in St. Etienne, and he’s further along than Alex Song is, that’s for sure. If Matuidi comes in to pair with Fabregas, allowing Song to do sub appearances/spot starts while he continues to learn the game (and thus causes Wenger to stop his baffling trend of playing Denilson ALL THE TIME), this is a win-win for everyone. What I don’t get though is why Vieira would be coming in as well. While AW’s talk of “killing” youngsters is usually 15% lucid point combined with 85% bullshit, Vieira coming in would reverse those percentages for someone like Song. Song has shown enough flashes of quality where he absolutely should be spelling Matuidi in times of injury/suspension as well as starting in the domestic cups. But if you bring in Vieira, AS17 would ostensibly not even get those games. What’s the point?

I can understand if we’re bringing in PV4 on a cheap contract to be the 4th-choice central midfielder and to serve as a de facto assistant coach/assistant captain (the latter role being vacant with the departure of Kolo Toure). If he is able to impart some his wisdom and help these kids find that little bit of steel and determination that they’re missing, then I’m all for it. If he’s coming in expecting to start every match and be the big star again…that’s when I fall out of line with Le Boss.

For now, all of this is a “wait and see” kind of deal…we’ll see where we are in a week or two. But, man oh man is it heartening to see us so solidly linked with a good player like Matuidi at this stage of the off-season.


July 30, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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