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I recognize the last two Arsenal posts are really negative and that’s a tone which is more frowned upon by football fans than any other fanbase. Here’s the deal: this is the first season in the last 5 where I honestly think the other 4 serious contenders for Champions League places and the title are, all in all, weak. Liverpool don’t impress me, Man U took a major step back, City are a year away at minimum and are full of half-assing money-first, shady, no-spirit wastrels who’ll drive the manager to drink by Christmas, and even Chelsea seem to be just waiting to run their latest big-name foreign manager out of town so they can turn back to Guus Hiddink and coast comfortably and lethargically into third, and thence to the nightclubs. Any championship team of the last God knows how many years could take this year’s title at a canter, and Arsenal are about 2 or 3 players and some real luck away from not just competing for the title, but running away with it and seriously challenging on every front. Luck can’t be controlled; transfers can, within reason. I feel there’s a great opportunity going begging here, and it frustrates me; I believe I should be honest about that, rather than try to put a smiley face on it.

A defensive midfielder or two, perhaps another center back, and an assistant coach to teach defense seriously would do it. It’s that close.


July 30, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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