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Apparently that Fedor/M-1 presser today was a completely ridiculous affair, highlighted by Finkelchtein or someone suggesting that it was important for MMA to have competition to the UFC, so UFC should co-promote with M1 on all events with Fedor. They really said this.

If you ever wonder why Fedor isn’t in the UFC, it’s not because Fedor’s scared or UFC isn’t paying enough, or because Fedor wants his SAMBO (which is an enormous red herring), or anything at all other than that the M1 people are intransigent crazies who at best don’t have a quarter of a clue, and at worst DO have a clue and also a completely separate agenda. Which of those it is I don’t know; I do know that if I were the UFC braintrust I’d be incredibly hesitant to do any kind of serious business with these people, especially if I didn’t need to. UFC doesn’t really need to; in the end that may be the most important factor.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens to Fedor 5-10 years after he retires.


“–The only thing we can say on the subject is that two different sources have told us negotiations between UFC and Fedor have fallen through again.”

Dave Meltzer

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Fedor is in serious danger of becoming a joke, entirely because of the ridiculous and shady behavior of the people surrounding him. This isn’t 2002 when there was a seriously competitive and arguably superior other promotion for top level fighters to compete in; if Fedor doesn’t end up in UFC he ends up- from a competitive and possibly a business perspective- nowhere, and the only real reason that might happen is the creepy behavior of the M1 team. There’s serious rumors out there about who these guys are and who they represent, but leave that aside for the moment; ask yourself this question: why are something like 80% or more of the monies paid to Fedor for his fights channeled into M1 instead of being paid to the fighter directly? Why are people who claim to be looking out for Fedor’s best interests holding his career hostage in order to hopefully win a co-promotional deal which won’t result in greater revenues directly paid to the fighter whose ability is the driving force behind M1’s demands? Fedor got $300,000 on the books for each Affliction fight (plus a previous undisclosed signing bonus), and the last reported UFC offer was something like $5 million a fight. If you gave a damn about Fedor and were negotiating in good faith on his behalf, what possible reason could you have for turning that down on the basis of Fedor’s own interests? And the answer is obvious: none. The only reason M1 have is because tying Fedor to UFC takes him out of their control and deprives them of the ability to use Fedor’s name and fame to build their business ventures, of which Fedor gets at best a pittance. This is why managers (who have a duty to their client) and promoters (who have a duty to themselves) should never be the same: there’s a massive, massive conflict of interest.

UFC is rightly criticized for some of their sketchier and more counterproductive financial dealings- principally the habit of never fully disclosing fighter pay- but they are fundamentally an above-board organization run along fairly clean and intelligent business lines. They aren’t in the same universe of shadiness that M1 is, and fans really should realize that.


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  1. They really need to figure out that Fedor needs the UFC more than the UFC needs Fedor.

    Comment by kenonbass | July 30, 2009 | Reply

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