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Carmichael Dave on the Underground provided the actual terms of the last UFC offer to Fedor. In short: 6 fights for $30 million guaranteed, immediate title shot, promotional cut of PPV revenue to M1 over and above Fedor’s purse, Fedor allowed to wear as much M1 gear as he liked, yes to combat sambo. They turned this down.

Think about what their motives for doing so were.

EDIT: Apparently Carmichael Dave said on his show that he verified these numbers with M1 as well before reporting them.

There is a story…much as there is a house in New Orleans…going around about an additional request from Fedor’s side to have elbows on the ground banned for his fights. God knows if that one’s true, but it tells you something that it’s even believable. And if it is…I mean, seriously. These are not good faith negotiations, they’re a PR stunt, and a bad one at that.


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