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Toure has medical at City

This one likely has a distasteful quality for a lot of fans, given the timing, the club Toure is going to, and the historical importance of Toure to Arsenal. The fee in theory is a lot and probably more than should have been reasonably expected for a player who had such an up-and-down season last year, so I’m willing to wait and see to the end of the summer before I have an opinion on whether it’s a good move or not. But I’ll say here what I said after Adebayor was sold: if the money is not used to add to the squad in other areas then this was not a sporting move, and it becomes harder and harder to avoid the perception that the squad is feeding the stadium and not the other way around. If the 13 million initial reported budget for Arsenal is true, you’re got 13 – 10 for Vermaelen + 25 for Adebayor + 14 for Toure, for 42 million pounds positive in total. Obviously in real life things are more complicated than that based on payment schedules and the possibility that some of those fees are not accurately reported and a hundred other factors, but the general picture is the same: right now the team is very, very substantially in the positive for this transfer window in terms of money, and in terms of players they’ve lost one of their top two defenders and one of their top two strikers, replacing only the former.

There’s still several weeks for all this to change, of course. Here’s hoping.


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