The Ship Be Sinking

Mouth Almighty


Hollinger seems to have a good handle on this one, and backing him up is Hornets247 who seems happy, blogger and commenters both. Bobcats blogs seem less thrilled. Ordinarily this would be where I go look up each man’s stats and try to give some insight into how I think this deal works, but let’s be honest now: the Bobcats suck. They’ve sucked for most if not all of their existence because the people in charge either don’t know how or don’t care to put together a decent team, and this is part and parcel of that tradition. I like Tyson Chandler but he won’t change this, and Larry Brown will be trying to trade him by Christmas anyway. There’s such a thing as having so little credibility as an organization that it’s reasonable to assume all your moves are either ridiculous or taken for ulterior motives, and when I saw a BOBCATS BLOG suggest that this trade was good because it might help get the team sold, I knew we’d entered that territory.

My sympathies, Bobcats fans.


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