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Obviously much more to be said about this one if it happens, but on paper it’s a weird one. Boozer’s a good player, but he’s a #2 or #3 player on a title contender- and as a #1, he’s the kind of player who makes you just good enough to never get the draft pick you need to have a real #1 player. Also, stats- pick the player:

Player A: 0.34 2-year, A+/- PER last three years of 24.1, 21.9, 17.2.
Player B: -1.32 2-year A+/-, PER last three years of 20.2, 18.0, 19.0.

A is Boozer and B is Lee; throw in that Lee is younger and cheaper, and I’m not entirely clear how much (if any) of an upgrade this even would be. Maybe it’s best explained as a shell game move- use the Booze to make the Knicks passable this year and keep (some) fans (a little) happy, and then use his expiring deal as part of whatever arcane 2010 machinations are afoot. As for Utah’s end, search me; don’t they already have a Paul Millsap?

Invest in Nets!

A couple of things to be said about this one. First and most obviously: the Corey Bookers and such of the world really need to give it up. Ratner et al. Have put far, far too much time and money and energy into this deal to allow the Brooklyn move to fall apart so long as they have any influence or control on the matter whatsoever. I’ll not pretend to be unbiased on this one as a Brooklyn guy, but still. Secondly- one of the reasons I remain so frustrated and frankly irritated by the way finances are discussed at Arsenal is because I come from a sporting culture here in the US where intimate details of the financial dealings of various teams are reported as a matter of course for their interest to fans, and addressed as such by team personnel. There’s not the tendency to treat routine financial issues as state secrets and no real attempts to lie to fans other than boilerplate encouraging talk from some cost-cutting teams, which is accepted as part of doing business without being taken seriously. Name me an NBA franchise and I can probably give you a reasonable approximation of their financial perspective as it impacts on their competitive efforts, and that includes teams like the Bucks or the Grizzlies about whom I could not give the least part of a care. With Arsenal we can’t even guess the budget, “we” being even the most obsessive of fans. It’s a fucked up state of affairs.


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