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I’ve looked in on the comment thread for several MMA sites (MMA Junkie, Yahoo’s MMA section, etc.) to get a sense of the reaction to Josh Barnett falling off the Affliction card, and almost universally every one of those threads degenerated into talk about UFC and Brock Lesnar within about the first 20-50 comments. At the risk of outing myself as an occasional pro wrestling fan (if the links didn’t already do it….), this reminds me of nothing so much as the mid-late 90’s pro wrestling scene: two or three major promotions fighting for talent and market share and promoting in different ways, one of them (Affliction or Elite XC/WCW) being so stupid it hurts and is obvious to everyone except those in charge and a few random media apologists, another being a regional promotion with a roster of misfit toys (Strikeforce/ECW), the third as the industry behemoth- and Lesnar vs. Fedor taking the place of Goldburg vs. Austin as the major fan dream match obsession. In a lot of ways the parallels are really kind of eerie, when you think about it.


July 22, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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