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Seriously, a move to heavyweight where his speed and movement may be a big advantage, wouldn’t be the worst idea for the former light heavyweight champ

Could there be a worse idea out there for Chuck? He’s 39, he’s slower than he’s ever been, he was a stalker and not an elusive mover even in his prime, he’d be moving up to a weight where his power would probably be much less useful, his chin appears permanently crumbled and he’d be facing the biggest punchers of his career, it would be a license for him to show up out of shape and if he did show up in shape he’d be tiny at the weight… I mean, if you’re looking to stage UFC’s first on-air fatality this is a great idea, but other than that it’s bug nuts. Seriously: when you have an old half-shot fighter with little defense who can’t take a punch, you should tell him to retire; but if you don’t, telling him to MOVE UP in weight is the worst possible advice. If he insists on fighting and can make 205, he should fight there; if he could possibly make 185 (which he almost certainly can’t) that would be even better; but his first heavyweight contract is essentially a suicide note. Frankly it’s a bad enough idea that I would worry if a commission sanctioned it.


July 20, 2009 - Posted by | MMA |

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