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If you’re a soccer fan at all, you’ve probably read all about John Hartson’s battle with cancer by now. If not, the short version is that the former Arsenal and Celtic man was diagnosed with what was originally testicular cancer, but it has now spread to virtually his entire body (including his brain). Sadly, it’s almost certain that it is terminal at this stage.

I wasn’t able to follow Arsenal closely in the pre-Wenger days when Hartson was breaking through, but I thankfully was able to catch much of his time at Celtic. When he arrived in Glasgow, Martin O’Neill was roundly slated for bringing him in…sure, he was a middling player in England, but for the press and fans to so readily laugh it off when Hartson stated he wanted to score 20 goals in his first season…it was ludicrous, in hindsight. Long story short, Hartson combined with Henrik Larsson and Chris Sutton to form one of the most fearsome offensive juggernauts that the Scottish league has ever seen. And while you can call the SPL a Mickey Mouse league all you want (and there is some merit to that), this is the same team that vanquished Liverpool on the way to the UEFA Cup final, and the same team that defeated Juventus in one of the greatest and most exciting Champions League games I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

Oh, and speaking of the Liverpool UEFA Cup tie: “John Hartson lines up the SHOT!!!!”.

I wish John Hartson and his family nothing but the best and my hope for a miracle. Thank you for the memories…and for the goals!


July 15, 2009 - Posted by | Other Soccer

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