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Like everyone else who follows Arsenal really, the prospect of his being sold to Man City fills me with a tingly sort of joy. It’s not just that he’s got the personality of a particularly listless courtesan, or that his game fell off the universe last year, or his inability to go 3 weeks without making goo-goo eyes at half of the clubs in Italy; it’s that we’d long since reached the point where the maths for him didn’t add up: I think pretty much everyone out there knows that, if your club is financially limited, 25 million pounds + not paying Ade’s colossal wages is worth a LOT more than Captain Offsides is. Two general points:

– Adebayor at City will survive or fail for the same reasons he did at Arsenal, namely the midfield. On an individual basis he’s an astonishingly overrated player if we assume his sale price is where people who have some idea what they’re doing rate him. His big goals totals were inflated by playing as one of the very few outlets for a team whose midfield until recently almost never took the final shot, and it is painfully hard to come up with any notable goals of late which Adebayor created largely through his own initiative or finished off with some standout play. I can come up with examples for Bentner, Van Persie, even Eduardo who spent almost the whole year hurt; Adebayor, well, he had fine jogging form. If the midfield at City are capable of consistently creating flowing attacking moves which leave Adebayor in a position where all he has to do is take the final shot at a largely open net (6/10 degree of difficulty type shots) when midfielders have surged forward and drawn defenders off, he’ll be fine at that role; if he’s asked to hold the ball up, or be an aerial threat, or beat defenders individually or really much else which you’d hope a 25 million pound striker could do, he’ll disappoint. City I suspect even know this- they just think he’s better than the other options, he’ll do OK at least, money’s no object to them and since he’s a Big Name Player it helps them cultivate the image of a club where such players can be found.

– All that said and with it understood that I don’t think losing Adebayor (at least last year’s version) hurts much at all, a move like this is really meaningless unless the money is recycled. If this ends up disappearing into the coffers to pay off the never-ending stadium debt, well, it’ll be further evidence that the financials are worse than sometimes admitted to. Already this summer seems to have largely confirmed the rumors- hotly denied in many places- that Arsenal had about 13 million to work with in the market, and after that had to sell before buying. If the Adebayor money becomes that Chamakh lad as a replacement + a defensive midfielder, then for my part I’ll congratulate the manager for doing fine business on a financial shoestring and improving the two major problem spots for the team without losing much. If we never hear of it being spent, well… then talking about a move like this on a sports blog almost seems out of place, since it won’t have been a sporting move.


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