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A .gif of Hendo’s KO of Biping

God that looks ugly in retrospect. I put no stock in Hendo being unsporting, but that’s about as far out as you can be knocked. And in retrospect, wow did I overestimate Bisping as a striker. Take a look at what happens to him there- backing away from a wide-throwing slugger and drifting left directly into his power side, hands down, chin up, ramrod straight as they say. You can’t do it wronger than that, and it’s mystifying to me that he did so when it wasn’t exactly a big secret what Dan Henderson’s gameplan is on the feet.

Hard to say what you do with Bisping now if you’re UFC. He’s a good fighter and an important regional draw, but he’s also 30 years old, has already played the move-down-in-weight-after-a-loss card, and in his two major step-up fights against Rashad Evans and Hendo he’s 0-2. His most memorable career moment is being on the receiving end of one of the most brutal KOs in recent history. If they can move him towards a career of fights like the one against Chris Leben in which he headlines in England and helps expand the sport there he’s of great value, but it puts you in a bit of a catch-22: he may not maintain that value if he’s not moving towards the top level of competition, but if he can’t hang at that level a few more brutal losses like this last one will equally erode his stardom. If he can play the regional draw game for a couple of years, improve his skills and wait for some of the current top guys at 185 to age and decline, he may yet have a shot at a title albeit with a short window to secure it. That’s probably the best way to go- assuming this KO won’t leave him with any lasting effects.

Alternate idea: death or glory, and book him and Wanderlei Silva against each other.


July 13, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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