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Steve McNair apparently cheated on his wife and was then murdered by his girlfriend; Arturo Gatti’s wife is currently in jail in Brazil, detained as a person of interest in the investigation into his death; everyone reading this can name a hundred asshole athletes starting with Alex Rodriguez who’ve famously cheated on their wives at one point or another and gotten into major trouble for it….

And the big news of the day appears to be people (see: Franklin McNeil, according to Dave Meltzer) complaining that Brock Lesnar is worse than Mike Tyson and will stop UFC from becoming mainstream because he… talked about having sex with his wife. Are you kidding me? A married man expressing lust for his wife- the mother of his child- is worse than anything done by a convicted rapist? I swear, something about this sport just draws the worst, most insane press coverage of any sport I can think of. And I’ll tell you this- if this seems bad, I can’t even imagine the racial stupidity that’s going to come out of the press coverage of the Rampage Jackson/Rashad Evans/Kimbo Slice season of TUF upcoming. Problems.


July 12, 2009 - Posted by | MMA |

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