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Arturo Gatti Reported Dead.

Fucking awful if this is true, and there’s no reason to doubt it it seems. Reportedly he was murdered. Too many of the great warriors have died too young of late. Corrales; Arguello; now Gatti. Gatti is the one I didn’t see coming, for the obvious reasons and for others. With both Arguello and Corrales you could sense the darkness in their lives and for all that both were beloved, many people saw their ends coming: Arguello had threatened suicide many times before he finally carried it through, and Corrales was reportedly in a dark enough place before he died that many have called his motorcycle-crash death essentially a suicide as well. Gatti never seemed quite the same, never haunted the same way. He seemed driven as much by toughness and conviction as Corrales was by desperation and fear. For them to reach nearly the same end by such disparate means is a reminder again that life is never, ever fair.

If it were, Gatti’s death at least would not have happened on a day when in boxing and MMA and mainstream sports alike, he’ll be pushed down the page by major events. Like Corrales and Arguello in this respect if few others, Gatti put everything he was as a man into his fights and deserves to be remembered for them. Here is a youtube search for his name; please, watch some of his fights. They speak for themselves, so I will say no more.

And yes, Gatti was a hall of famer. If a hall for boxing is built which cannot honor a fighter like Gatti, than it is worth nothing. He was the best of what boxing can be.


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